Shift Caravans is the product of years of caravan adventures and tons of channelled passion. We have been very fortunate to turn something we love into a business we can share with others. To better understand how our journey has led to you reading this page, let me tell you about us!

Jeff was born in sunny Southern California and spent most of his childhood seeing the great outdoors. Like most people he started out in tents, but it wasn’t long before the family graduated to a Jayco Swan. From there, things turned from camping to glamping. The caravans got bigger and, as the kids became the grown ups, everyone had a toy hauler full of quads and buggies. There were many long trips where 4-5 caravans met up at an isolated desert location that would be our home for a few weeks.

Jo is originally a Sydney girl who’s family made the move across the Nullabor when she was 13. Spending her formative years in this amazing state meant camping trips with family and friends on a regular basis. And how could you not fall in love with everything there is to see here?

Once there were kids in the picture, we knew that caravanning was the life for us. We spent a few years travelling around the West Coast of California in Caravans with every mod-con under the sun. When we returned to WA we decided to take a step back. We bought a Jayco Swan, with all its simplicty, and got back to the roots of what makes WA caravaning amazing.

This is where the idea was born. What would the perfect family caravan look like? What features would it have? What was too big or too small? How would it be different from the cookie cutter designs that made most vans close, but not quite there?

We set about designing our first caravan. We worked with a major manufacturer to look at every aspect of the build. From boots to bunks, everything was on the table.  From there we kept refining for the perfect mix of rugged yet comfortable; spacious, but not huge. We wanted a design that allowed us to see nature, while still having the ability to hide from it when it was extreme. All the while keeping one thing in mind; if we were a family looking to hire a van, would this van provide a great experience?

Are we done refining yet? Not a chance! But we feel pretty confident that we are producing a caravan that will make a family holiday simple, sustainable and immersed in nature. Shift Caravans X6 is that van. We will continue our mission of creating the perfect family van with the feedback of our customers. We are extremely proud to provide you with a quality caravanning experience that will hopefully bring you the same passion it has brought us.

Welcome to the Shift Caravans Family, where every day you can literally “Change Your View”!